The spirit in your cocktail means more than just the clear liquid that’s going to make your vision blurry. Vodka tops the charts in being one of the most voluminous and popular spirits in the global market.

Thanks to its ability to stay in the background with its indistinguishable taste and smell, vodka remains well-liked by an entire continuum of drinkers for its easy use in an infinite number of combinations.

Sworn by Russians to originally hail from the Motherland, vodka comes from fermenting and distilling grains like corn, rye and wheat. Other crops can be used as well, like potatoes, beets and grapes, according to About Food.

Grown in regions across the world and sold in most liquor stores, vodka’s a usual pleaser for a Saturday night gathering. It’s also projected to grow in popularity this year, expanding on craftsmanship and innovative ingredients. Before you unleash the ultimate cocktail, make you sure you know what to get and where to buy it.

How Much Fun Are You Buying?

Your sister tells you to get a handle for the party at the liquor store. Your buddy brags that he easily downed a fifth last weekend. While it obviously means a good time, how much vodka is that exactly?

The Daily Meal measures a handle at 1.75 liters, giving you about 20 two-shot drinks in a single handle. It’s good for get togethers where you’ll be serving up a slew of happy cups. If you want your guests to have an even better time, consider getting two handles.

A bottle, or fifth, of vodka holds 750 milliliters, according to eHow, which is close to one fifth of a gallon.

When you’re buying vodka, it’s not just the size that matters. About Food recommends refraining from buying cheap vodka—unless you want a cheap taste. Mixing in bold flavors can reduce the potency of low-quality taste, but moving up even just a tad in price could save you the worry of a less-than-satisfactory drink or scornful looks from vodka snobs.

Usually, the higher-quality vodkas tend to be placed on the upper shelves while the cheaper bottles remain on the bottom shelves. Take note on your next liquor store visit and use placement as a quick guide.

Not sure which brand to choose? Despite public opinion, good vodka comes from an array of different countries and companies. The best way to find out what you like is to try it. Don’t just stick to popular brands. A bottle of unusual craft vodka nestled among the big guys may become your go-to spirit.

Put Your Money Where Your Drink Is

That little $9 vodka cocktail you’re sipping at the bar could turn into much more when it comes to return on investment. The Street projected vodka to be the most lucrative spirit in which to invest in 2016. It’s the largest category of spirits worldwide, and entrepreneurs can get in the game easily with low barriers to entry.

People increasingly want craftsmanship in their liquor, including vodka. Aristocrat Group Corporation stands as one company that aims to penetrate the craft vodka market in part by creating spirits with better ingredients, like one using non-GMO potatoes and mountain spring water, according to the Street.

Thinking of starting your own or chipping in to a new maker with promise? It may be a wise move. Vodka’s versatility allows drinkers to mix and match with different flavors and brands, sparking a quest to find one’s favorite combination and staking a guarantee that people will at least try your new product.

You’ve got strong traditional brands with rookies mixed in, but it’s a level playing field, with people flitting between types and origins as wild and fun as the vodka cocktail culture itself.

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