We’ve all been there, my friend. We’ve all taken that one-too-many plunge. You’re hanging at your friend’s place or maybe you’re out at the bar, blowing off steam from your boss’ latest  “brilliance.” It can seem that the day’s most stressful events always happen just before 5:00 p.m.

So you find yourself in a good place savoring your drink, everybody’s your best friend and, just before your fourth round of karaoke, you realize that big presentation you’ve been working on must be weeks away, right?

And then you wake up with a hangover!

So now it’s morning. You can’t get up or you’ve got a killer headache or feel nauseous or all three. You have to go to work. And, as you reluctantly peek at your reflection, you feel the liquor running through your veins.

But don’t worry, buddy. As you sit down to start your glass-of-water marathon, we’ve got you covered. Pop that Advil and check out five ways to turn your frown upside down.


  • Eat Light and Balanced: Do not warm up the bacon drippings for a nice grease smoothie. Stay away from the fried foods—they will not “soak up” the alcohol or toxins.  What they will do is upset an already irritated stomach and worsen the nausea. Opt for bland and fresh foods. Cook up (or have a partner or friend make) some scrambled eggs sided with toast and fruit. Easy on the salt and butter!
  • Consume Some Electrolytes: You know the old saying, it feels like you’re just “renting it”?  You’re dehydrated, and you’ve been steadily losing electrolytes and minerals with every trip to the water closet. Electrolytes aid your muscles and nerves in functioning properly. Your fluid loss, the cause of your post-good-times misery, really needs electrolytes and minerals to supplement your body’s healing. You could try oral rehydrating solutions, like Pedialyte, or Powerade, if you don’t have a youngster. Don’t forget to take a multivitamin.
  • Try an IV Drip: If you have really tortured your liver and body, then you may need a place that administers IV drips to supplement health. They usually have one that’s apt to cure (or at least ease) your post-party illness. Some services will even come to your digs to inject the mix. These services can be a little pricey, but if you have the funds and you need it, it can’t hurt. You probably should check for credentials, anyway.
  • Work It Out: Exercise can also help, but we’re not talking about a rigorous run or strength training. A moderate workout may help rid some of those toxins and help your body process whatever is left in your system. Try jogging on the treadmill or elliptical inside where it’s cool. Make sure you keep drinking water throughout your exercise. You’ll become double dehydrated if you don’t, which is counterproductive.
  • Use that Sick Day: If you absolutely can’t move, get up or walk around without wanting to pass out, embrace your potato-like state and get back into bed. Forcing yourself to get up and go before you’re ready may prolong your healing. And if you become faint, you may be stuck in a bad situation. You may not want to be the person who has to sit down in the middle of that presentation. Don’t risk it. You don’t want to be that guy.

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