Did 2015 fly by too fast? The end of the year can be like closing time on an epic night out. But a new year brings fresh drinks. As long as you’re up for the party, we’ll keep the fun in stock. While you’re waiting for the bartender to serve up the newest popular drink, reminisce with five alcohol trends of 2015.

  • Tequila: Shoot a glass of sophistication. Or bring on the dollar margaritas. Whichever way you liked it, tequila heated up the party in 2015. People, especially millennials, were ready for the fun, and the agave-derived drink remained a key beverage for churning up the celebration, according to Drink Spirits. Other mezcals found their way into cocktails last year as well as predicted by Paste Magazine, allowing drinkers to easily take the intensity in a fruity concoction.
  • Wine: Wine drinkers diversified their selections rather than sipping on the standard in 2015. While France or Italy traditionally came to minds at the thought of enjoying a vintage drink, the status quo wine palate expanded to wines from countries like Hungary and Georgia, eHotelier reported. Also, as the economy continued to improve, customers willingly spent more on alcohol, resulting in the growing popularity of higher-quality wines.
  • Craft Drinks: Local+craft=cool. The trend of buying artisanal products from people who live near you skyrocketed in the last few years, called by Drink Spirits and eHotelier. In 2015, customers carried on the practice with alcohol, giving their money to local distilleries and breweries rather than national corporate brands. When travelers stopped to visit an area, they wanted to drink something they couldn’t get at home. And, if locals wanted to make the most of the movement, “craft” remained the key word to stick on labels, pleasing customers yet furthering the argument about the term’s muddied definition.
  • Vintage Recipes: Stay classic. Prohibition-era drinks made an appearance in 2015. Even some who usually frequent timeless concoctions, like the Manhattan, were new to what emerged from the vaults last year, according to eHotelier. Bartenders lessened cocktail sweetness with flavors like chamomile, rhubarb and shrub, reported Paste Magazine. The move bittered beverages and opened customers to new tastes.
  • Drink Machines: Sometimes the flesh isn’t good enough. So God invented drink machines, which popped up in bars in 2015, according to Paste Magazine. Machines from centrifuges to ice cream makers helped bartenders achieve limitless flavor combinations and food creations, like turning your favorite mixed drink into a sweet dessert.

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